Linus Rogers appointed as VP Regulatory, and Asset Rationalization

TSTT is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Linus Rogers to the position of Vice President Regulatory, and Asset Rationalization. In his new capacity Mr. Rogers will have responsibility for TSTT’s regulatory initiatives and all related compliance issues.

Mr. Rogers holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an advanced diploma in Human Resource Management. He has held several senior managerial positions at TSTT and had a lead role in many of the technological evolutions implemented by the company during his tenure.

“Linus’ proven wealth of experience will certainly help TSTT effectively manage its regulatory affairs and its capital rationalization efforts which includes Fleet and Buildings. These items now more than ever are a pivotal element to the company’s future growth prospects” said Chief Executive Officer Roberto Peón.

The appointment of Mr. Rogers is effective from 18th September 2007. Rogers indicated that he was looking forward to continuing his service to the company and its stakeholders in his new position. “There are many exciting opportunities and developments in TSTT’s future and I would like to ensure that my team does its part to ensure we can capitalize on these and continue to position the company to be the provider of choice in Trinidad & Tobago.”