Mausica, Arima and Sangre Grande soon to get Blink Entertainment TV

Trinidad - TSTT will be doing upgrade works at its major Exchanges in Arima, Mausica and Sangre Grande on Tuesday 18th May from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM to expand the availability of the country's newest subscription TV service, Blink Entertainment.

While work is in progress, existing phone and Internet customers will experience a brief interruption in service lasting no more than a one (1) minute.

TSTT regrets any inconvenience and assures the public that this upgrade is in keeping with the company's commitment to deliver a competitive alternative to the service from existing cable / subscription TV operators.

The work in Arima, Mausica and Sangre Grande is part of a nationwide expansion program by TSTT to bring Blink Entertainment's extensive line up of popular cable channels and Video On Demand to more customers.