Michael’s loyalty pays off with $100,000

Michael's loyalty - Michael Nimchan
Michael's loyalty - Michael Nimchan felt like the happiest man alive when he found out he won $100,000 from bmobile_

Port of Spain, Trinidad – November 13th, 2013

You are in the middle of a meeting with a client. A phone call comes in from an unfamiliar number and you ignore it once. However calls from the number keep showing up again and again in quick succession. Your mind starts to figure, “This person seems to really want to get in contact with me. What could be so important?” In the next few seconds as the ninth call from the number comes in, you process everything that could have gone wrong and hesitantly take the call. You hear “Hello is this Michael Nimchan?” Your breathing labors as you reply, “Yes”. Then you hear “I’m calling from bmobile and you just won ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!” and just like that you become the happiest man alive.

Nimchan, the Facilities Coordinator at a company in Point Lisas, is the tenth winner of the bmobile You Get More Top Up Sweepstakes Promotion. As a mobile customer for over two decades, Nimchan said he felt like “the luckiest man” as he had never won anything in all of his 51 years.

“I wanted to know who was calling me all these times,” he said. “When the bmobile lady told me what had happened, I asked her if she was for real. I couldn’t believe it. I took her information and told her I needed time to let it sink in.” Still unconvinced, Nimchan said he immediately informed his wife who was also hesitant to believe her husband’s sudden inheritance of good fortune. “We decided not to tell our children or anybody else because we wanted to make sure it wasn’t bogus. We said when we get the cheque in our hands then we will believe it,” he said.

Now that he knows it is the real deal, Nimchan said he can now make plans on how he will make good use of his new found fortune. “Some of the money will go toward contributing to my eldest daughter finishing her degree,” said the father of three. “I still have to think about what I’m doing with the rest but I plan to show my family how much I appreciate them.”

The Barrackpore resident felt his unwavering loyalty to bmobile had paid off. “I always thought of bmobile as being local and I always like to support local stuff so from day one I was a huge supporter,” he explained. “I travel a lot for my job and I like that bmobile has allowed me to maintain my number through the years. There are people I have met for 20 plus years and they can all contact me on this same number from anywhere in the world…I thank bmobile immensely for this. This is a company worth keeping.”

As this week’s winner of the promotion, Nimchan still has a chance along with all the other eligible pre and post-paid bmobile customers to win the grand prize of $1m to be drawn later this month.

“I’m thinking lightning wouldn’t strike the same place twice, but in my case it would be fantastic if it did” he joked.


Michael Nimchan felt like the happiest man alive when he found out he won $100,000 from bmobile