Pan-tastic Sunday goes green

The Bmobile girls added beauty to the festive Pan semis ambience

The 2013 National Panorama Semi-finals can certainly be classified as one of the largest and most memorable for several of those in attendance. As per usual the TSTT Pan Lime contributed its unique blend of culture and festivity to the patrons on the Northern Greens section.

In addition to being a platinum sponsor of the Panorama events, TSTT with its brands such as Bmobile has been a longtime supportive associate of Pan Trinbago and a stakeholder in the national culture sector in general. As the Northern greens experienced expansion this year, the telecommunications company also increased the fun factor for all its fans and other Panorama limers.

Amidst the plethora of other liming crews and associations on the greens the TSTT/Bmobile Pan lime created true Carnival frenzy with its unforgettable offering of entertainment. Members of the Bmobile Pan Semis crew were able to benefit from a true Trini treat complete with an unlimited assortment of complimentary drinks and local delicacies and a specially erected stage which featured exciting performances by Blaxx, Iwer George, JW and Blaze and the high priest of Soca, Super Blue.

According to PanTrinbago Vice-President, Bryon Serrette, the inclusion of these ‘limes’ on the Northern Greens should be viewed as a business opportunity for the future sustenance of Pan  as it encourages several non-pan enthusiasts to come into a steel band space and experience pan positively. He further stated that these pan greens limers will be the Panorama audience of the future.

TSTT/Bmobile will continue to support all the efforts of local cultural organizations including Pan Trinbago and those representing Calypso, Soca, Chutney and Mas Bands.