Petrotrin being Green and Supporting Education

From right to left: Head-HSE Refining and Marketing, Petrotrin, Randy Archbald; Chairman-SAVE Foundation, Steven Harris; Manager- Directory Publications, TSTT, Lyndon Gordon, 5th from right, Project Manager- TSTT; Natasha Estrada with recycling program team members.

blink | bmobile congratulates the Petrotrin team on its achievement of collecting the highest volume of directories under the blink | bmobile Directory Recycling Program 2014.

Head, HSE Refining and Marketing, Petrotrin, Randy Archbald, said, “Without hesitation, the Petrotrin team came on board with the recycling program as environmental awareness has always been in alignment with Petrotrin’s corporate strategy. A good example is our Point-a-Pierr Wildfowl Trust, which is a wildlife reserve located on the grounds of one of our refineries."

Petrotrin has pledged the proceeds of the collection of more than 1,000 directories to the Point-a-Pierre Government Special School. Aside from Petrotrin’s internal collection, thousands more directories have been recovered nationwide from students, teachers, friends, family and other corporate bodies. This is equivalent to:

20 tonnes of paper
325 trees
133,333 gallons of water
Power for 20 homes a month
1,133 pounds of air pollution

EVP Government and Enterprise Services, Rakesh Goswami, stated that blink | bmobile was pleased that corporate T and T was so willing to support the development of young people and was confident that everyone involved benefitted from participating in the blink | bmobile Directory Recycling Program 2014. The Program, which was launched on March 12th 2014, was aimed at getting students involved in recycling. To accomplish this, blink | bmobile partnered with the SAVE Foundation.

Founder and Chairman of SAVE (Secure A Vibrant Environment) Foundation, Stephen Harris, said, “Saving the environment is at the heart of what we do and partnering with a socially responsible corporate body such as blink | bmobile was a natural fit. We thank everyone for their support and deem this program a great success. We look forward to undertaking other eco-friendly ventures in the future.”