Rainbow Warriors Xtreme vacation camp

Campers demonstrate the empowering effect the Blink sponsored Bootcamp had
Campers demonstrate the empowering effect the Blink sponsored Bootcamp had on them

BLINK Broadband treated twenty children from the Rainbow Rescue orphanage to the time of their lives as the youngsters were hosted by the triathlon experts Rainbow Warriors Club and their hugely popular vacation camp at the Kayak Centre, Chaguaramas.  Before you saw them, you would have heard their peels of delight in the way only the young and energetic could enjoy the outdoors, oblivious to the sun.

The annual camp, conducted over a two week period, was run by Maria Gooding , her brother Jason and their father Ian. It was first started four years ago and maintains the aim of teaching campers the fundamentals of the triathlon and other outdoor recreational activities.

 Maria Gooding explained that the children, ranging in age 5 to 15, were exposed to aquarobics, zumba, wake-boarding,  kayaking and bike handling skills. Most of them were doing these activities for the first time at the camp but had little difficulty picking up the new skills. "They adapted extremely well to the new things that they were taught and had fun figuring it all out."

 "The children at this camp already had a love for outdoors so it made things easy," Gooding said.

One eight year old boy from the Rainbow Rescue orphanage was excited about participating in the triathlon since the campers have been doing a lot of preparation for it. He loved kayaking and bike riding and said that before he came to the camp, he knew nothing about yoga. Now,  "I LOVE doing the stretches!"

Another camper, also eight, did rock climbing before with her family and was looking forward to doing it with her new-found friends at the camp.

This year’s camp involved a total of 45 participants – 20 of which were from the orphanage.  BLINK Broadband’s Trijata Maraj, Manager Advertising and Planning said the company recognised the importance of the opportunity the camp would provide to the youngsters in broadening the range of things they would be exposed to, “And have tons of fun at the same time”.

Maraj also acknowledged the health benefits derived from the physical activities offered by the Rainbow Warriors camp. “Based on our past experiences with Rainbow Warriors Club, their continuous efforts in promoting sport and health in Trinidad and Tobago, especially among young people, is commendable.” Maraj said this was a shared interest of BLINK Broadband and the Blink/bmobile Foundation. “It is one of our priorities to provide opportunities for exposing young people to positive initiatives and provide them with the enabling technology to support their curiosity  in their quest to go further.”