At a time when TSTT’s employees are being encouraged to work together to move the company to the next level of performance and profitability, the CWU continues with its efforts to derail this process.

Today’s protest at TSTT headquarters was based on the Union’s response to an email from company CEO Roberto Peon. Mr. Peon last week unreservedly apologized for the email both to the affected staffer, and to the entire company.

While the majority of TSTT’s employees have accepted the CEO’s apology in good faith the CWU is now seeking to capitalize on this within the context of the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations. The Union has already rejected a generous offer from the company, which included a proposed employee stock ownership, salary increases well ahead of market rates and a series of other enhanced benefits. The latest bilateral discussions also sought to address the removal of some constraints within the collective agreement which effectively render the organization’s right to manage the workforce, null and void.

The CWU is unabashedly using this situation to cast the leadership of TSTT in a negative light while agreement remains outstanding. The reality is that staff members at TSTT are highly valued by management; there is a clear understanding and appreciation that the collective energy and effort of the entire organization is the only way for the organization to thrive in a competitive arena.

The company leadership strongly believes that the time has come for everyone to re-dedicate themselves to the business of our customers and stakeholders, as this is the only way in which everyone benefits.