Restaurant intruder held by bmobile security

Teamwork- TSTT's Gerard David, Tania Lawrence, ASSL Estate Constable Anthony Moses, TSTT Supervisor Keisha Williams, Darryl Duke and ASSL Lance Corporal Roderick Lalman

Port of Spain, Trinidad, June 27, 2018

From the outside, at that early hour of the morning on a quiet street, the building must have looked unassuming, unoccupied and vulnerable. Looks were definitely deceiving and now a 35 year old resident of East Port of Spain has nine months in prison to contemplate if breaking into the popular fast food chain on Cipriani Boulevard was the best way to spend his free time at 2:35 AM on June 6th.

Christopher Julius aka Christopher Gittens of #10 St Paul Street, East Port-of- Spain appeared before magistrate Nanette Ford John in the 3rd Magistrate Court on June 7th charged for being found in an enclosed premises namely to steal and for being in possession of house break-in implements. 

On the day before, Julius had unlawfully gained entry into the fast food outlet and triggered an alarm that was picked up by bmobile Alarm Centre at 2:35 AM. Officers in the centre contacted  Amalgamated Security Services which partners with bmobile for security response services and  the Rapid Response Unit  were dispatched to the property to investigate. 

While searching the premises, the Rapid Response Unit were updated by the bmobile Alarm Centre that the intruder was triggering other sensor alarms in another part of the building. The Rapid Response Unit intensified their search and Julius was found on the roof of the building with a steel pipe in his hand. He was subdued and taken to the Woodbrook Police station where he was charged and made his court appearance the following day.

When the charges were read in court Julius pleaded guilty on both counts and the magistrate sentenced him to 9 months in prison on each charge. She noted however that the sentences would run concurrently and he will only serve 9 months. Julius was then taken away to begin serving his sentence. 

Julius is just one of the more recent incidents in which Bmobile Alarm Monitoring staff and Amalgamated Security Services responded to emergency alarms and apprehended intruders. Since bmobile security services (formerly Vigilance) started its operations, it has become the fastest growing home and business alarm monitoring service, responding to over 400 alarm incidents every month. Some homeowners prefer to buy their own home security system but still want the assurance of access to 24/7 professional monitoring and armed backup in the event of any incident. In response to this growing trend, bmobile has implemented a service to monitor such private systems  for customers. 

On June 22nd, TSTT's Darryl Duke -Senior Manager Government ,Security & Directories Business hosted the TSTT staff and officers from Amalgamated Security Services to congratulate them for the excellent teamwork and professional collaboration that continues to be so instrumental for the success of bmobile security services. "Customer safety and peace of mind is our number one priority. We have had great success with the mix of our state-of-the-art alarm monitoring technology, expertly trained staff in the command centre and our partner security rapid response companies," said Duke.