Samsung/Bmobile score with brand new customer experience store at West Mall

Bmobile's Nicole Kerry Lum Kin and Samsung's Marco Osio celebrate the opening of the Bmobile Samsung Experience Store at West Mall

The second Samsung/Bmobile customer experience store in Trinidad officially swung open its doors to the public on Thursday, at the Falls West Mall, Westmoorings.

The launch was attended by media, Samsung and Bmobile representatives and attracted scores of patrons, some of whom took the opportunity to purchase handsets and other gadgets, which were sold at special prices. The new store is a one stop savvy shop for Samsung lovers who can purchase the latest mobile phones and innovative accessories while being attended to by knowledgeable and courteous Samsung representatives.

The relationship between Samsung and Bmobile started more than ten years ago and last year, the two industry giants teamed up to open the very first Bmobile Samsung Experience Store in Trinidad at Gulf City Mall, Gulf View. Thursday marked yet another milestone for the companies with the launch of the West Mall branch, and later that day, the unveiling of yet another customer experience store at Trincity Mall, Trincity.

Marco Osio, Samsung’s Head of Enterprise Division, B2B Sales, Miami, said Samsung continues to establish itself as a dominant technology provider and a major player in the international smartphone industry. He said he was excited to bring the Samsung experience to West Mall and was happy to once again partner with Bmobile to provide customers with the very best in technology.

According to a 2014 survey conducted by Counterpoint, Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Note 3 were among the best selling smartphones in the world.

“Bmobile understands that we are the first movers in technology and that the digital appetite of customers are increasing exponentially. We are very proud to partner with Bmobile to open three customer experience stores in Trinidad,” Osio said.

Nicole Kerry Lumkin, Executive Vice President, Bmobile Operations, echoed similar sentiments.

Lumkin said Bmobile continues to help bridge the gap between customers’ lifestyles and technology and empower customers to exploit the connected world. “Customers, now more than ever before, want only the best tech devices and gadgets because these help them manage all facets of their lives.” Lumkin stated that Bmobile will continue to work to provide the latest and most innovative products and services to its clients.

“As a society we are right up there with the rest of the world where the demand for technology and access to data services are concerned. Trinidadians move and adapt with the times so it’s important that we are able to supply that demand in a forum like the Experience Store that is hassle free, and designed to help customers find exactly what best suits their needs.”

Customer Kaazim As-Samad, 48, who made the journey to the West from San Juan to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 smartphone, was one of scores of customers who took advantage of the special prices during the launch. As-Samad was in high praise of the new store and said he was happy to buy a new phone just in time for Christmas.

“When I heard that Samsung was opening its store today I said I had to come down to be a part of the first experience. I ended up buying a phone because it is for a very reasonable price especially at this time of year,” he said.

“The layout of the store is great and it makes it easy to find what you like and try it out before buying it.”

Bmobile Samsung experience Store at West Mall has smart devices with apps to suit the needs of anyone

The latest in wearable technology was also on display at Bmobile Samsung Experience Store at West Mall

Staff perform an exciting Welcome Dance at the Bmobile Samsung Experience Store in West Mall

Eager shoppers at Bmobile Samsung Experience Store West Mall had a lot of choices for their Christmas lists