Seeing is believing, Polycom and TSTT team up

Caption - Jose Fernandez and Eduardo Alemañy of Polycom with TSTT's Rolph Young in a live video conference with Radames Rangel (on screen), Solutions Architect, CALA in Panama

In today’s fast paced world, it is becoming increasingly important to access information and connect face to face with clients from around the globe without having to leave the office or jump on a plane.

Polycom, one of the world’s leaders in voice communication solutions, makes it easy for businesses to achieve just that over the World Wide Web with the simple click of a button.

Last week, TSTT hosted Polycom officials at the company’s corporate box at the Queen's Park Oval, Port-of-Spain, to discuss Polycom’s latest innovation in video conferencing.

Newly appointed Polycom Sales Director, Central America and the Caribbean, Jose Fernandez, said the technology is a step in the right direction for companies which require direct interaction with “anybody” from “anywhere.”

Fernandez, who has over 15 years of experience in communications solutions consultative sales,said video conferencing is vital as it saves businesses not only money but valuable time and resources by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Boasting High Definition quality video, unprecedented ease of use and enterprise grade security, Polycom provides an enhanced audio and video experience and is heavily used in the important fields of education, government, finance and manufacturing.

Enjoying significant growth over the past year, Polycom will, on March 30, launch its brand new application—The Polycom RealPresence CloudAxis —which introduces a more modern approach to video conferencing.

The first-of-its-kind software solution brings contacts from all presence-based applications into a global directory of participants that allows the user to drag and drop into a Polycom business-class video collaboration session. Those outside of the organisation can then securely join the conference via a browser.

It is an innovative software extension of the Polycom RealPresence Platform designed for private and public cloud deployments – available in both enterprise and partner/service provider editions – enabling universal access to enterprise-grade business to business and business to consumer video collaboration at the highest quality, reliability, and security.

The application, which saves up to 50 per cent of the network bandwidth used by other video platforms, can also be downloaded onto any smart phone or tablet and customers can easily add anyone on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other business video applications to their video conferences from a browser.

RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite delivers an intuitive web user interface that makes it easier for users to safely and securely connect with anyone outside their organisation/firewall. 

Fernandez said the new application is an intelligent infrastructure which is poised to open up a world of opportunities for millions of businesses across the globe.

With Trinidad and Tobago  being one of Polycom’s biggest markets in the Caribbean, Fernandez said it was a crucial decision to bring its technologies to the island through the country’s leading telecommunications service provider, TSTT.

“Partnering with TSTT is an important step for Polycom because they can provide a network where even more people can launch into the video conferencing market,” said Fernandez.

“We service 27 islands in the Caribbean and throughout Latin America and Trinidad and Tobago is one of our biggest markets.”

Noting that the Caribbean was “right up there” with the rest of the world as it relates to the latest technologies in voice communication, Fernandez said it is critically important for regional businesses to take advantage of these technologies in order to stay ahead in a globally competitive business environment.

Rolph Young, TSTT Team Leader, Corporate Business Development Enterprise Services, agreed.

He said TSTT works closely with Polycom which has helped the company remain the leader in the local telecommunications market. Stating that video conferencing is “the way of the future” Young said TSTT is always ready to embrace new technologies which can make its business customer more efficient. With its new and improved 4G network, TSTT supports video conferencing on Samsung tablets, Android and iPhone mobile devices. Next month, the company will upgrade its infrastructure and will launch Polycom’s  RealPresence CloudAXIS solution.

 “Video conferencing is a more collaborative way of doing business. In Trinidad and Tobago commuting through traffic to attend a meeting wastes valuable time. Video conferencing gives the ability to have meetings and securely share business presentations and documents among people in geographically dispersed locations.”

Oil, energy, financial and manufacturing industries will greatly benefit from the technology.

 “Within the next couple years we will see a more prolific use of video amongst businesses locally” he said and this will certainly go a long way to T&T businesses maintaining a competitive advantage over their regional counterparts.