Space Planning for Profitability

One of the pivotal areas of TSTT’s cost management, business efficiency and customer service improvements involves a multi-million dollar space rehabilitation and optimization program. A strategic review of the company's office assets identified a number opportunities for consolidating warehousing and staffing offices that will bring significant benefits to employees, customers and the company as a whole.

According to Executive Vice President Corporate Support Services Bashir Mohammed, the company's integrated goals for hassle free customer service, creating a better and secure place for employees to work and business efficiency have already begun to take shape. “This year, as part of our office rehabilitation and rationalization exercise we have been refurbishing office spaces for staff and customers that are intended to help staff work more collaboratively and provide customers with a modern, inviting space for doing business with us.” Mohammed said this also includes unmanned network facilities that are also providing a clean, modern and pleasing aesthetic that is more representative of the future the company is charting.

One of the better kept secrets is that TSTT has been continuously improving the work spaces of staff as evidenced by refurbishing works done at major office locations. These include offices on Henry Street, TSTT House and Abercromby Street in Port of Spain, St. James Street in San Fernando and the soon to be opened Blink Bmobile Experience Store in Gulf City Mall Lowlands Tobago. "TSTT has approximately 44 buildings that are base offices for staff and we are going to be systematically improving these to create good, secure and safe places to work. In some instances some of these locations will be disposed of in the process of making more efficient use of space in other locations. This has cost benefit implications for maintenance, insurance, utility and connectivity costs which helps to ensure that we keep the cost of products and services to customers competitive."

Mohammed explained that the refurbishment works included repainting buildings in corporate colours, installation of new generator power supply systems, new elevators, and remodeling office spaces to be more conducive to productivity, safety and health and wellbeing of staff and customers.

The physical and visual transformation of office spaces will culminate in the design of TSTT's customer experience store, the largest of which is under construction at Gulf City Mall in Lowlands Tobago. Mohammed explained that the store will host TSTT Tobago operations Administrative Offices as well as a one-stop customer service centre for bill payment and voice, security, mobile, landline, enterprise and broadband services. "Offices are more than spaces for people to work. They represent the changing face of TSTT not just in appearance but in function. We aim to provide environments that promote greater collaboration among staff, greater responsiveness to customers, improved environmental and aesthetic impact on public places and better use of immersive technology so that customers and employees have an unmatched experience when they interact."

Bashir Mohammed Executive Vice President Corporate Support Services at TSTT

TSTT St James Street San Fernando remodelled offices for greater safety, comfort and productivity