Talking Trade with Dominican Republic via Telepresence

Caption - Cross section of participants at “DR LAW 173” Tele Presence Virtual Presentation

The Blink Telepresence Centre was recently used to facilitate an important meeting between representatives of exporters here in Trinidad and trade consulting specialists based in the Dominican Republic. Hosted by exporTT Limited, the technology seamlessly bridged the hundreds of miles between the two countries and brought the parties together in a virtual face to face session for a very informative discussion on exporting to the Dominican Republic.

exporTT Limited hosted this pioneering Virtual Presentation entitled “Distributor Law 173” which provided a platform for opportunities to increased exports to Dominican Republic (DR). Local manufacturers assembled on Thursday January 31st, 2013 at Trinidad and Tobago’s only Tele-presence Centre, TSTT House, #1 Edward Street, Port of Spain.

The session was facilitated by Ms. Taiana Mora from a similar telepresence suit in the Dominican Republic. Ms Mora, General Manager of NEX Consulting, an international consulting firm based in Dominican Republic, is also an advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce in the DR. Additionally she collaborates with the Caribbean Network of Services Coalitions (CNSC). Her wealth of knowledge on T&T and DR was well received by exporters who attended the event.

Ms. Mora’s key recommendations for Trinidad and Tobago exporters included:

  • the need to apply due diligence to avoid exploitation or costly mistakes;
  • the need to be flexible and adapt products to the market; and
  • the use of the Trade Agreement between Caricom and Dominican Republic to identify and capitalize export opportunities.


Also speaking from DR, Ms. Maria A. Merino, legal advisor at NEX Consulting. Ms Merino  is a Public Notary and member of Lawyers’ Bar Association of DR and she shared recommendations on conforming with Law 173 as well as the implications which can arise for local exporters. Law 173 in DR grants extraordinary protection to the local agents and distributors in the case of unilateral termination by the licensor.

Ms. Merino also gave the T&T exporters her insights into several critical areas in the DR environment that would impact their success at doing business there. In particular she shared about:

  • Legal structure in Dominican Republic
  • Intellectual Property
  • Brand and Product Registration


exporTT Limited was represented in DR by Export Development and Promotion Officer, Nathali Richards and in Trinidad and Tobago by the CEO, Mr. Christopher Lewis and Manager of Export Development and Promotion Unit, Mr. Damie Sinanan. Also present in the Blink Telepresence facility were three specially invited guests; Mr. Adrian Singh – Director of exporTT Limited, Mr. Norris Herbert, Director of Trade,Ministry of Trade and Industry and Investment;and Ms. Michele Kalloo - Group Director – Sales and Marketing, Trinidad Tissues Limited.

The main purpose of this virtual seminar was to clarify any uncertainties exporters may have had with doing business in DR as a result of Law 173. However exporTT  Limited is aware that there are other similar Non-tariff Barriers in Latin America and the company intends to facilitate discussions on these as well through a series of seminars and workshops which will assist exporters in Trinidad and Tobago in building strategies to enter Latin American markets. Local exporters wishing to benefit from this series can contact   exporTT Limited at 623-5507, 624-3932 or 3923 for more details.