Technology and T&T

Caption - blink broadband sponsored YTEPP technology bus

The annual Trade and Investment Convention (T.I.C.) first opened in March 2000 and thirteen years later it has grown into the largest business convention of its kind in the Caribbean. For over seven years TSTT has been a sponsor of TIC and by extension the local businesses and entrepreneurs that showcase why T&T is an excellent destination to do business.

Over the years TIC has been the place for unveiling innovation. TSTT has certainly used the opportunity to feature Security technology, the latest smartphones and tablets, wireless broadband technology, digital television and the like. There are also many new and exciting products and services on show by other exhibitors, each year seemingly more fascinating than the last. It is no wonder therefore that over the years exponential growth has been seen in visitors, trade transactions and exhibitors.

For TSTT, TIC is not just an opportunity to showcase the company, it is an opportunity to showcase how technology is making Trinidad and Tobago, accessible and competitive. Most first time visitors are excited to see so much that is familiar to them in terms of the technology. From Mitel and Cisco IP-based business systems to smartphones and tablets from world leaders like APPLE, Samsung and Blackberry, TSTT is extremely proud of its track record in keeping the country at the forefront of the technology revolution.

Beyond TIC, it is a daily pursuit to deliver the complementary connectivity for such sophisticated equipment and this is another area that the company prides itself. 4G mobile access and WiFi Bzones along with fibre-centric broadband access networks provides the country with an ever expanding platform upon which business and government ministries find innovative ways to interact and serve their respective customers better. It is also providing significant opportunities in education where the country’s key tertiary education institutions and distance learning have been able to implement a highspeed network to support research and information sharing with other leading institutions around the world.

But the benefits of TSTT’s  efforts have impacted not just corporate and state entities as the country has also witnessed within a few years, a surge in usage of Social media, apps and app development and online marketing and sales for everything from carnival costumes and fetes to home and office furniture and appliances. This kind of ready access to data and the capacity for consumers to more easily “shop around” has the effect of making consumers more shrewd and forcing retailers to deliver better value for money.

All in all TSTT is pleased that technology is empowering stakeholders at all levels to be more involved in shaping the kind of environment they want in Trinidad and Tobago. Technology is helping more and more people develop a voice and is providing an avenue for important conversations about how more  and more stakeholder-interests can be reconciled.