TSTT adds its own sparkle to the lights of Divali

Divali Nagar 2007 signals a continuing partnership between TSTT and the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC). For more than six years, TSTT has provided financial assistance to the NCIC for the staging of this popular event, which figures prominently in the national observance of Divali.

This year, in addition to a donation of $250,000, TSTT’s booth at the Nagar site will offer visitors a closer look at the new and dynamic Blink broadband service as well as the ultra-interactive range of mobile services. “We’re giving guests a complete immersion in culture and technology” says Camille Salandy, Head – Public Relations and external Affairs, explaining that TSTT’s booth will also feature skillful displays of mehendi (the art of applying henna to the body), yoga – the theme of Divali Nagar 2007, and pottery making and painting.

In addition, TSTT plans to share the unique and exciting experience of the Nagar with a special group of young people. The group – from a children’s home – will be guests of TSTT for the NCIC Teen Talent Grand Finals on Sunday, November 4. Divali Nagar 2007 opened on October 31 and will run until November 8.

“Through its support for the Divali Nagar, TSTT is pleased to help spread the joy of the Festival of Lights.”

She added: “The fact that Divali is a national observance bespeaks its significance to the country. And, the fact that TSTT provides notable support for the Divali Nagar is an indication of its significance to the company.”