In light of the recent incident in which persons attempted to gain access to a customer’s premises by falsely claiming to be representatives of TSTT, this advisory serves to alert customers about some of TSTT’s procedures that must be adhered to by its employees and contractors when interfacing with customers.

  • All employees of TSTT carry company identification cards and employees of Contractors are also required to have identification cards from their respective companies. These cards indicate that they are approved contractors of TSTT. Customers can demand to see this ID before permitting either representative onto their premises. 
  • TSTT’s representatives will usually request to gain access to a customer’s premises when a. The customer made a prior report about a problem with their service and checks confirm that the problem is originating from on the customer’s premises b. TSTT has given prior notice that they will be doing upgrade works in an area and will require access to the customer’s premises. In this case it will usually be a neighbourhood that is notified and not just one homeowner. 
  • It should be mentioned that contractors would not usually be dressed in a TSTT uniform but they nonetheless must have the company’s ID and they must present it to the customer on request. Customers may refuse entry to any agent, even if they are in a TSTT uniform, if they do not have company ID. 


“TSTT strives to make it safe and convenient for customers to get the technical support they need”, says Cedric Cole, VP – Wireline Broadband Access Network and Customer Care TSTT, adding that the company has always been very deliberate when it comes to safeguarding their customer’s interests. “We fully appreciate that people are more apprehensive about what is happening in our current environment and consequently the company eliminates procedures that make customers feel concerned for their safety.”