TSTT and EPA sign new collective agreement

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago and the Estate Police Association of Trinidad and Tobago signed a new 3 year collective agreement on Nov 22, 2007.

The agreement provides among other things an increase and consolidation of COLA, and an overall 13% increase in salary which will be implemented as follows: 4% in 2006, 4% in 2007 and 5% in 2008. It covers all the security officers employed directly by TSTT, and is for the period January 2006 to December 2008.

At the official signing ceremony Edghill Messiah, TSTT Vice President – HR & Administration, noted that the negotiations, while intense, did not require the intervention of a mediator and said this was an indication of the maturity of both negotiating teams. “Even though there were differences of opinion, professionalism and mutual respect were maintained,” Messiah said.

TSTT’s negotiating team was lead by Lydon Jones and Monica Pascall of the Industrial Relations Department. They both expressed their appreciation for the EPA's discipline towards the process which augured well for the bilateral settlement of the Agreement.

EPA President Andrew Dardaine endorsed this point, saying the fact that the negotiations were concluded at a bilateral level “speaks well” of TSTT and the Association. “It shows that we can do things if we really try hard,” Dardaine remarked, adding: “We are satisfied with the end result, the officers are very happy.”

Head, Security and Operational Risk – TSTT, Dennis Gordon, said he too was happy about the agreement, saying it came at a time when security and security services were paramount in corporate life. In ensuring that its security arm was well compensated, he added, TSTT remained among the leaders in this regard in corporate T&T. “I am confident that the staff will be even more motivated than they are already,” Gordon said.