TSTT and EPA sign new Collective Agreement for Security Personnel

TSTT and the Estate Police Association (EPA) have signed a new Collective Agreement that will result in a six percent (6%) increase in salary after consolidation of cola as of December 31 2012, COLA and the revision of conditions that provide further non-cost benefits to TSTT EPA members. The EPA represents Estate Police Officers employed with the Company. TSTT Branch President Sergeant Aaron Seecharan explained that the Agreement was revised to expressly incorporate terms and conditions of employment that were historically recognized by parties as customs and practices.

EPA President Edison Munro commended the TSTT negotiating team for their professionalism during the negotiations. He explained, “TSTT’s willingness to engage in open and realistic dialogue contributed to both parties finding common ground. The EPA is in full support of TSTT’s strategic plan and TSTT understands the realities facing our members. With the new Agreement, we have both made good progress in achieving our goals."

TSTT Executive Vice-President of Human Resources, Harigobin Jhinkoo was equally appreciative of the EPA Executives’ approach to the negotiations. “Unions play an important role in maintaining a fair balance that benefits employees and keeps the Company viable. This negotiation was greatly aided by the maturity and professionalism of the EPA Executive and negotiating team. They will continue to play a significant role in shaping a progressive industrial relations climate at TSTT.”

The new Collective Agreement covers the period January 2013 to December 2015.