TSTT and MoreMagic announce deployment of Electronic Recharge for bmobile customers

TSTT and MoreMagic Solutions are pleased to announce the deployment of MoreMagic’s MTopUpTM solution for all prepaid recharges for bmobile customers. MTopUpTM allows subscribers to replenish funds in prepaid accounts anytime anywhere using a mobile phone, an ATM, the web, automated kiosk or a point-of-sale terminal. TSTT is the first company to launch MTopUpTM for mobile customers in Trinidad and Tobago, eliminating the need for purchasing a physical card in order to receive airtime. MTopUpTM has enabled customers to purchase airtime with any amount of money they choose, rather than the pre-determined amounts sold on cards.

"MTopUpTM has been a revolutionizing service in our market, our customers love it and they keep coming for more. Our Points of Presence have increased multi-fold and our dealers never run out of inventory”, says Gary Barrow, Vice President Mobile Services of TSTT. “This service has been very unique in that had a positive impact both on our revenues and on our costs.”

MoreMagic CEO Pankaj Gulati said, “We are delighted to have TSTT be one of the early-adopters of this service and are very happy to see TSTT reaping the benefits of this investment. This is a testament to our vision that mobile payments are relevant even in the voice world and MTopUpTM has proven to be a very powerful tool in educating the subscriber to use their phone for payments.