TSTT appoints Dianna de Sousa as Vice President Customer Service

TSTT CEO Roberto Peon today announced the appointment of Dianna de Sousa to the post of Vice President Customer Service with effect from October 1st 2007. The appointment comes as the company prepares to unveil several key operational and technical improvements to its core business. Peon said the new executive position was created to revolutionise how customers experience doing business with the company. “It is necessary right now to ensure that our major investments on the technology side actually translate into greater customer satisfaction” said Peon.

De Sousa will steer the overall direction for all of TSTT’s customer-facing positions including our customer service centres and call centres. In her previous role as TSTT’s Head of Business Effectiveness she had been intimately involved with the company’s strategic and business planning. Peon said that this, coupled with her extensive professional local, regional and international experience in successfully developing quality management systems, made her ideally suited for the work ahead. She also brings a solid IT background and a wealth of IT experience to bear on the position having served as the Regional Business Excellence Manager among other positions, for Nestlé.

De Sousa said she was looking forward to hitting the ground running. “TSTT is a fascinating organization brimming with potential and a lot of good people who want to take the organization to the next level. It will be exciting working with all of them to make the company into the absolute best service provider in the local industry.”