TSTT awaits response from CWU on restructuring talks

TSTT remains concerned about the CWU’s repeated postponement of meetings with the company in which the CWU was to present their position on the company’s restructuring initiative. On August 27th TSTT wrote to the CWU informing the union of the company’s plans to fully implement a new organizational structure on September 17th. This was in keeping with the provisions of the collective agreement to provide the union with 14 days advance notice before undertaking such staff changes

Although under no obligation to get consent from the CWU before implementing the proposed restructuring, TSTT acted in good faith and has extended to the union, the opportunity to make any relevant comments on the restructuring plans. Over the past two weeks, TSTT has made several attempts to meet and discuss with the CWU but on each occasion the CWU cited other apparent priorities for their inability to attend. It would appear that the CWU believes by withholding their comments, TSTT’s plans for proceeding with the implementation of the new staffing structure can be indefinitely stalled.

For TSTT, the company has already seen benefits from the implementation of new management structures and is determined in its efforts to consolidate this by getting the rest of the organization aligned under the new organization. This is necessary for the company’s survival and growth as it will aid the efficient implementation of development plans and address key service issues faced by customers.

While the restructuring will create new opportunities for staff, the company also acknowledges that all staff has not been placed into positions. The company plans to give unplaced staff with the requisite skills the opportunity to work in other sections or departments where their skill sets are in demand.

TSTT remains committed to engaging the CWU as a stakeholder that has a vested interest in the future of the company. At the same time however, the company’s executive and management must ensure that the business continues to operate, serving its customers, responding to competition and growing its markets.