TSTT cell sites under attack

Suspected sabotage at TSTT’s Macqueripe cell site has disrupted mobile telephone service in the area and TSTT Head of Security and Operational Risk, Dennis Gordon, believes that it is part of an organised attack on TSTT’s infrastructure.

He noted that sites in Maraval, Caparo, CrewsInn and Toco have all been hit within the last two weeks. In the case of Macqueripe, he said, the crime would have required about four persons with vehicles, since 11 lengths of feeder cable were removed, each about 100 feet long.

“This was not a small operation, it required organisation and manpower,” Gordon said. “This is indeed a case where a great deal of effort was put into removing cables which don’t contain much copper. This leads us to believe that sabotage is the more likely motive than theft”.

Work is underway to repair the damage at the Macqueripe site to restore service as quickly as possible. Work was completed last evening on the 850 frequency and it is anticipated that full service will be restored by today Tuesday November 20th.

TSTT Head of Public Relations and External Affairs, Camille Salandy, assured that the company continued to devote considerable resources to combating the vexing problem of cable theft and sabotage.

“The complexity of this type of repair does create an additional challenge in having the service restored quickly, however TSTT wishes to sincerely apologize to customers for the inconvenience and condemns these selfish acts which rob countless people of a crucial service, especially in cases of emergency,” she said.

Salandy noted that the thieves removed cable from as high as 90 feet up the Macqueripe cell tower and gained entry to the compound by cutting a hole in the fence. She urged members of the public to report suspicious activity at TSTT’s cell sites by calling the Police at 999, TSTT’s hotline 66-CABLE (22253) or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.