TSTT condemns bomb threats

TSTT is today assuring employees and the public that the company will pursue every avenue possible to stem the increasing tide of bomb threats affecting its operations. These incidents have escalated in the wake of the company’s attempts to meet with the CWU to discuss staff restructuring issues. Central to those discussions was the company’s identification of just under 200 employees as “unplaced” in the new organisation structure. Before noon today, operations at more than five of TSTT’s offices in and around Port of Spain were disrupted by bomb threats. These disruptions seemed to coincide with protest action staged by the CWU at TSTT’s Head Office on Edward Street.

TSTT regrets the inconvenience the work disruptions have caused to customers and employees and assurs them that the company will use every resource at its disposal to arrest the situation. The company is well aware that bomb threats constitute a criminal Offence punishable by law under the Summary Offence Act Chapter 11:02 sections 106 and the Anti Terrorism Act No. 26 of 2005 section 17 also makes provisions for the treatment of persons guilty of making such threats.

TSTT is confident that a majority of its staff share a deep concern for ensuring that it remains focused on overcoming the critical challenges that it faces. The management and employees are wary of allowing the actions of very few to jeopardize the future of many and will vigorously defend the right to manage the company and ensure its continued viability in the new competitive environment.