TSTT Condemns Fabricated Information


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad -  October 8, 2018

TSTT condemns the erroneous information contained in the article published in the Guardian Newspaper dated 8th October 2018.

On 5 October, TSTT held its quarterly management forum, “Health of the Business” which is intended to update management on the business’ achievements and strategic actions which are aligned to the organisation’s mandate to becoming an “agile broadband communications company.” At no time, during that forum was management advised that they would either lose their jobs or need to reapply for any jobs that currently exist within the organisation.

Additionally, TSTT’s 2091 workers (1933 permanent and 158 temporary), have never been told that the company will be renamed nor that 2000 employees or any specific number of employees will lose their jobs as part of a restructuring exercise.

The information circulating that the organisation is embarking on a massive retrenchment exercise is fabricated sensationalism.  TSTT has no intention of “planning a new company and firing all workers.”

TSTT embarked in 2016 on a strategic direction to ensure that the organisation remains relevant and survives the ongoing digital disruption and demands of the telecommunications industry which is affecting both local and international telecommunication companies. As part of its strategic approach, TSTT is focusing on itsZero Copper Initiative which was recently launched on September 28th, 2018 and investments in other network and technology upgrades to ensure that the company provides the best solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

As TSTT accelerates is digital transformation strategy, the organisation will conduct a skills assessment to ensure that employees have the right tools and training to move into the new direction of an “agile broadband communications company.”

TSTT is committed to active dialogue with all stakeholders including the Recognized Majority Unions (RMUs) which includes the Communication Workers Union (CWU) on all relevant matters pertaining to the business and staff.   The contribution of employees is critical to a successful organisation and absolutely no decision on matters affecting staff will be made without the involvement of stakeholders, especially the RMUs.

TSTT recognizes its role as the national telecommunications provider and as a leader in ensuring that accurate and credible information is shared in the public space.  The organisation remains dedicated to its mandate to provide quality service for its customers and the people of the Trinidad and Tobago.