TSTT condemns malicious sabotage to cell service in Maracas Bay

Emergency crews from TSTT were dispatched and worked throughout the night to restore cell coverage in the Maracas Bay area after the company’s fiber optic cable was maliciously cut on Friday at approximately 8:30 pm.

Network surveillance teams detected an interruption in the links which serve the cell sites in the Maracas bay area. Upon investigation by technical and security crews, the fiber was found to be cut in what the company suspects was a deliberate and malicious attempt to hamper TSTT’s ability to provide mobile service to its customers during the highly anticipated “My Lime Beach Party” event being held today, Saturday at Maracas Bay.

“The element of coincidence and growing number of incidents like these is too compelling to ignore,” said Dennis Gordon Head of Security and Operational risk at TSTT. “On examining the fiber optic cable, there was clear evidence that the perpetrators sliced through the insulation, cut the actual fiber and then attempted to restore the insulation surrounding the cable, making the actual point of damage harder to detect.” He further added that this incident was clearly separate from the recent spate of copper theft being inflicted on TSTT’s network. “These fiber cables are clearly distinguishable from the copper cables across our network, so it is evident to us that theft was not the motive in this incident and the persons knew exactly what services were being affected by this action.”

Gordon also lamented that the persons involved in what now appears to be well organized criminal activity, seemed not only to be attempting to discredit TSTT during a highly publicized event, but were prepared to put the lives and security of thousands of citizens at risk by disrupting mobile telecommunications. “The damage to our infrastructure is the secondary concern to us in this scenario. We all know that Maracas Bay during the holiday season and particularly over the weekend is a popular venue. We are at a loss to understand how the persons responsible could be willing to jeopardize the safety of the public no matter what their perverted motives or perceived gains.”

TSTT takes this opportunity to commend its maintenance personnel who worked assiduously throughout the night to successfully implement the speedy restoration of the service and ensure customers’ safety in an area where telecommunications is critical in that regard.