TSTT Connects 20,000+ to the Latest and greatest Technology

TSTT Technicians complete a fibre installation
Port of Spain, Trinidad, March 22, 2018


In just one year, TSTT has been able to roll out its newest, fastest internet connection service to over 20,000 homes through its fibre optic network.  Presently, one quarter of the nation's households can access TSTT's fibre service, a remarkable statistic, given that the company is just one year into the transition.

According to TSTT’s Chief Commercial Officer (COO) Miguel Garcia, most of the 20,000 already connected, has purchased the company's prime entertainment Triple Play bundle which includes the fibre internet, home phone and TV services.

Depending on the applications a customer uses, the present speeds provided with Copper technology of less than 10 megabits per second (mbps) is not enough. At the same time, fibre offers speeds exceeding 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps). Garcia equates this to a movie downloading in just 3 to 5 seconds, "It's the latest and greatest technology. We're really excited about working towards providing this to our customers." Garcia explained that the existing wireless technology has been doing well to cover and serve about 80 per cent of the country already and for most people, the speed suits their needs just fine. "Fibre however, allows for an amplified version of the wireless service with much greater speed, consistency and at a very competitive price."

But what is fibre technology and how is it different from the services already provided by the company? According to Garcia, fibre really is the way to go. He explained that TSTT provides internet connections via three modes: copper cables, wireless and fibre optics. The company has a project to phase out the use of copper cables and replace this with fibre optics and high speed wireless technology and Garcia admits it is a huge undertaking. "Copper is old technology and we are looking to move all of those folks to faster technology," he continued, "LTE- Long Term Evolution, is our current 4G wireless technology and we have plans to further upgrade to 5G. You have to understand, today the internet just keeps getting g more and more demanding on speed so the faster the connection the smoother your online experience. Moving away from copper is part of TSTT's Zero Copper programme.”

TSTT's fibre optic cables are strategically placed across the country and more recently, special focus was given to expanding coverage in the capital Port of Spain, Tobago, Chaguanas, Sangre Grande & Arima and Penal, Debe, Santa Flora, amongst other places.  Over 100,000 homes have access to the fibre optic network and the goal is to considerably expand those figures in the not too distant future.

With the first quarter of a new financial year starting soon, TSTT considers itself to be on an accelerated growth path to evolve its technological capabilities. Fibre is the company’s centrepiece of internet access. Fibre expansion offers new possibilities and promises to benefit customers and the country as much as it is projected to benefit the organization.

Garcia notes however, there have been challenges along the way and there is room for improvement in the area of customer service. “We are committed to improving our customer experience.  We intend to overcome our challenges and ensure we transform the organisation.  The goal is to be an agile broadband communications company and the service provider of choice in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Garcia asserts, "We have the best technology to do this both for wireless and fibre, and our pricing is extremely competitive."

Not wanting to give too much away, Garcia says TSTT won’t be slowing down or stopping as the company has plans to up connectivity within this year, moving its fibre reach to at least 50 per cent of market share over the next four to five years.