TSTT hosts submarine cable conference in Tobago

Trinidad - Harvesting a new deep sea treasure.

It’s a different kind of treasure chest lying at the depths of the ocean. Its several thousand thousand miles long and its contents includes everything from photos and videos to online transactions, corporate data, voice communications, books and other priceless digitized treasures. Submarine fibre-optic cables are the veins that pump the data driving the world’s economy and over the next 3 days some of the worlds leading communications companies will gather in Tobago to discuss how to ensure that the valuable data cargo remains secure.

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly Orville London and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Utilities Jacqueline Ganteaume-Farrell addressed media and participants at this morning’s opening of the ATLANTIC CABLE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR AGREEMENT (ACMA) Management Committee Meeting at Tobago Plantations .

The 40-plus delegates represent ACMA members from AT&T; France Telecom; TSTT; Sprint; Cable and Wireless; Verizon; Bahamas Telecoms; Deutsche Telecom and several other operators from as far as Senegal. TSTT and the other participants have a responsibility for the maintenance and repair of several hundred thousand miles of submarine fibre optic cables that are placed along the sea floor together with repeaters and other equipment. The systems link the Caribbean, South America and North America to the rest of the world. TSTT has invested significantly in submarine fibre optic cables which have come to replace the company’s reliance on satellite communications. These submarine cables make it possible to support consumers using highspeed Internet services, voice communications, globally linked corporate networks and online TV/video among other services.