TSTT joins the fight against HIV/AIDS

It’s all about keeping the promise

TSTT is throwing its support behind the drive to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and to fight stigmatism. In commemorating World AIDS Day, December 1st 2006, the TSTT Foundation Program has partnered with REd Initiatives to promote a new local online environment for information about AIDS and local support services.

According to TSTT’s Manager of Corporate Communications Camille Salandy, "Everyday people are contracting the disease and permanently altering the course of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Knowledge is power and through the use of TSTT's mobile and Internet services we are helping to make that knowledge accessible throughout Trinidad and Tobago."

Since the first HIV/AIDS case was diagnosed here in 1983, Trinidad and Tobago has recorded more than 15,940 cases for the period ending in 2005, according to official figures, with an alarming 73 percent of new infections occurring in the 15-49 age group. Oleo Lokai, of REd Initiatives says he was inspired to develop the website because he felt there was an intrinsic need to bring HIV/AIDS awareness into the 21st century as, “We can reach such a wider, more diverse cross-section of people via the Internet.”

The website promises to be a new, 24 hour access, interactive source of current information on HIV/AIDS for Trinidad and Tobago. Visitors will discover where and when they can go for testing, not only for HIV/AIDS but other STDs and even be able to order condoms online!

"Thus in commemoration of World AIDS Day we are encouraging people to visit bmobile buzz to get a free mobile phone screensaver of a digital AIDS awareness ribbon."