TSTT launches new Risk and Security services Division

Trinidad - TSTT plans to use its ubiquitous mobile and wired infrastructure to develop new security products for homes and businesses. TSTT CEO Roberto Peon announced earlier today the creation of a new business Division in the company and the appointment of Dennis Gordon to head it. The appointment takes effect from 15 October 2008.

“The Operational Risk and Security Services Division will take advantage of TSTT’s technology and infrastructure to create a commercially viable security product offering for our customers,” said Peon, adding that this was part of the company's strategy to aggressively develop new products and explore new market opportunities. “Through this Division, the company will continue to ensure that adequate resources are deployed to protect physical and intellectual assets and our human resources, while creating a totally new revenue stream.” Dennis Gordon holds a degree in Criminal Justice from South Carolina State University and has specialised training in other areas of law enforcement and security management. “Dennis’s training, experience, exemplary performance in managing TSTT’s security operations and his ability to comfortably marry technology with contemporary safety and security processes made him an obvious choice for this role,” said Peon. As Vice President of ORSS, Dennis Gordon will oversee the development, implementation and management of TSTT’s corporate security vision, strategy, sales and services programs. His portfolio will include developing and implementing a corporate security strategy to ensure the secure and uninterrupted operation of all information technology systems.