TSTT nabs cable thief and burglar

Quick action by TSTT’s Security Response Team led to a cable thief being caught red-handed in Laventille early this morning [December 14, 2007]. Head of Security and Operational Risk, Dennis Gordon, said a young man was held with 10 metres of 600 pair cable, two hacksaw blades and other implements at the scene of a cable cut near Erica Street. According to Gordon, the teenager – who is from Laventille – immediately confessed and was taken to the Besson Street Police Station where he was expected to be charged under the Telecommunications Act.

Gordon said: “TSTT has taken several hits from cable thieves and so we’ve made a significant investment in security measures and anti-theft devices – both of which played a crucial role this morning in apprehending someone whose actions will, unfortunately, inconvenience residents of the area for a brief period but who will, hopefully, be out of commission for awhile.” TSTT’s network monitoring system detected a problem in the area around 1:30 a.m. and, within minutes, the company’s security personnel were alerted and promptly went to investigate the incident.

Camille Salandy, Head of Public Relations and External Affairs – TSTT, said: “I wish to congratulate all involved in this successful operation for the precision teamwork and quick response, including the members of the Police Service.” Salandy added that TSTT would continue to take whatever steps it could to safeguard the interest of its customers and to maintain vital communication links.

In another breakthrough, Gordon announced that TSTT’s security team apprehended a suspect in connection with the recent break-in at the bmobile store at Trincity Mall, in which thousands of dollars in cash and 20 mobile phones were stolen. Devito Gonzales, 27, was charged with breaking and entering, larceny and possession of marijuana. He pleaded guilty today [December 14, 2007] to all charges and will be sentenced next Wednesday.

This is another notch in the belt of TSTT’s security team, which led the investigation of the break-in and continues to relentlessly pursue those responsible for the theft of copper cable. “Again, the men have demonstrated what dogged determination can do,” stated Gordon, in breaking the news of the apprehension. “For us to make crime an unattractive and uncertain career choice, we have to be vigilant and focused and the TSTT security team has once again shown that they are more than up to the task.”