TSTT network intact after adverse weather


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad -  October 20, 2018

TSTT recognizes there are many of our fellow citizens who are in immediate crisis. The safety and well-being of our people are of the utmost importance. Our network remains active and accessible to citizens during this national emergency. 

Where there are power outages in East Trinidad, our mobile, internet and landline customers are affected. Our service teams are working with responders to restore normal service as quickly as possible.  The areas that are impacted include: 

  • Toco to Matelot
  • Aripo
  • Blanchisseuse
  • Las Cuevas
  • Fishing Pond
  • La Lune
  • St. Helena

 TSTT urges citizens to remain vigilant to protect themselves and their loved ones during this time.