TSTT online advanced Yellow Pages and Mobile App tops 5 million searches

TSTT's Senior Manager, Government, Security and Directories Business, Darryl Duke (left) and Rhonda Cox-Sylvester, Manager Directory Publications, showcase the enhanced functionality of the T&T Yellow Pages App and the T&T Yellow pages online
With over 86,000 downloads of the mobile app and 5.5 million searches online over the past 12 months and growing, TSTT's Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages is definitely a great companion whether you are traveling around Trinidad and Tobago or across the Caribbean.  
Imagine a situation where a husband is out with his wife and she is suddenly in need of urgent medical attention. As a result of the recent upgrades done to the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago's (TSTT's) free Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages Mobile App, the husband was able to perform a search for doctors with offices nearby, select the doctor closest to them, obtain the office number, click on it to call the office and then use detailed map directions to drive his wife immediately to the doctor's office.  Noting that this was a real life story of one of their customers, Rhonda Cox-Sylvester, TSTT's Manager Directory Publications explained, "With the continuous advances in technology, especially with respect to smartphones, coupled with a growing segment of our customers who are mobile while searching for information, we had to find innovative ways to get yellow pages directory information to our customers while they are on the move."  
Darryl Duke, TSTT's Senior Manager Government, Security and Directories Business indicated that TSTT now has three (3) options available to customers: the Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages Mobile App; the Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages online,; and the traditional printed directory publications.  "TSTT has invested in these solutions because feedback received from our customers indicated that this is what they want.  TSTT is the only company that has three (3) Yellow Pages options available to its customers and we are really proud of this.  As TSTT continues its transformation into an agile broadband company that is responsive to its customers' needs, we will continue to employ new, innovative ways to remain the market leader who delights its customers and satisfies their needs", Duke said. 
Persons can download the free Yellow Pages mobile app from the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iOS phones and immediately begin to enjoy the new upgrades. 
The latest features added to TSTT's Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages Mobile App has enhanced its functionality to make it a comprehensive, easy-to-use, time-saving, one-stop-search solution.  The most popular is the map directions that provide a detailed, turn-by-turn guide to the premises of the company searched; ideal for route planning whether traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation. Best of all, 60% of Trinidad and Tobago's Yellow Pages advertisers are already on the Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages mobile map, with more companies being added each month. Other great features that have enhanced the user experience on the mobile app for the public include voice or text search; search by name (example Dr. Marlon Jones) or category (example doctors); a smart search so users can enter only part of a word when performing a search; search for only companies that are nearby; the option to click on a telephone number to call the selected company;  and the name and contact information of the selected company can be saved to the user's mobile device's contacts list.
TSTT's Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages mobile app is also a great companion for the travelling public or for persons needing contact information for a company outside of Trinidad and Tobago.  Users can change the country for which the directory information is displayed and enjoy these same great features for 13 countries across the Caribbean.  The travelling public can also stay on top of local news across the Caribbean by selecting this feature and any of the 13 countries in the mobile app.  Departure and arrival times are also available in real time information for flights in all the 13 Caribbean countries.  To customize the user experience, persons can choose among 3 ways to have information displayed on the mobile app - grid, ribbon or wheel.  
Besides bringing suppliers closer to their existing and potential customers, the latest enhancements have also increased the benefits to companies that advertise in TSTT's Yellow Pages.  Companies can more efficiently track their return on investment (ROI) with Yellow Pages ads and services through the performance of monthly reports. The ROI report provides statistics that include competitor analysis via the number of clicks on a Yellow Pages category; total searches; total visits; returning visitors; new visitors; page views; absolute unique visitors; number of searches from the mobile app versus website; and the top 25 directory categories searched. 
Additionally, through a strategic partnership with industry leader and Google Premier SMB Partner, Global Directories Co., TSTT provides a host of digital marketing solutions aimed at meeting the needs of local companies seeking to expand their customer base or increase revenue. Companies interested in advertising in the Trinidad and Tobago Yellow Pages can contact the TSTT Directory Publications office at 624-4183, 762-5623 or email:
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  • TSTT Directory Publications office at 624-4183, 762-5623 or email:

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