TSTT Pours Cold Water on Digicel’s Claims

19 October, 2006

TSTT categorically denies claims that it has been preventing Digicel’s customers from making calls to TSTT fixed line or bmobile customers. TSTT has been in discussions with the Telecommunications Authority and Digicel with regards to these concerns and conducted a full investigation of its systems to determine what might account for the problems that were recently being experienced.

On the basis of this investigation around October 13th, TSTT identified a particular software conflict arising from the decommissioning of the TDMA network. TSTT has since resolved this conflict and is still awaiting requested feedback from Digicel on whether the major problem that arose earlier this month is still impacting their customers in the same manner. TSTT assures that it will further address the problem if it is persisting, but is confident that this does not continue to be the case.

TSTT has, at every juncture, facilitated the Government’s policy for liberalizing the local telecoms market even in the absence of an interconnect agreement. Therefore, claims that TSTT would now willfully frustrate a process that it has actively helped shape and support are wholly misguided.

It is TSTT’s considered opinion that remarks from Digicel’s officials serve no purpose other than to distract others from the fact that after two months, Digicel continues to resist the conclusion of an interconnect agreement based on the decision arrived at during an Arbitration process it initiated. This Tribunal recommended the adoption of a mobile interconnection rate of between TT$0.38 and $0.53 that will ensure prices for telecommunications services in Trinidad and Tobago remain affordable. Other stakeholders such as Laqtel, 360 Communications and TSTT have accepted the solid advice of the professionally constituted Tribunal and have acted accordingly. Digicel’s insistence on an interconnection agreement that would lead to higher calling prices for customers is not supported by either TSTT, or the Tribunal’s decision.

TSTT has also complained to TATT about Digicel’s abuse of this self-induced stalemate in interconnection, to improperly send international traffic from its network to TSTT’s customers. This is in direct contradiction to an earlier understanding on how international calls would be routed. An investigation is being conducted on the impact this additional international traffic is having on the ability of Digicel’s local customers to call a fixed line or bmobile customer. It is TSTT’s view that Digicel’s action compromises the capacity which was provided by TSTT to Digicel for local interconnection traffic, despite not having an interconnect agreement.

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