TSTT puts Patna / River Estate group in the driver's seat

The next time the congregation of the Patna River Estate Pentecostal Church gather for Sunday service there will probably be quite a bit more members in attendance thanks to TSTT. The company donated a fully refurbished mini-bus to the church to assist officials with assisting the transportation needs of the elderly, small children and underprivileged families to attend events and programs organised by the church. The vehicle will also be used to assist the greater community of Patna and River Estate.

The donation is another example of TSTT’s continued efforts to improve the lives of people in communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago in ways that extend beyond the communications services it provides. "We are very thankful to TSTT for its contribution to our church," notes Reverend Brenda Quamina. "With this donation we have realised a dream and we are now able to do more outreach in the community, assisting with transport of children and the poor," she added.

"TSTT is about connecting people in the widest sense possible, and this vehicle will certainly help the Patna/ River Estate community connect on a deeper level," says TSTT Fleet Manager Fitzroy Raphael.