TSTT receives Full Certification as a Data Centre Service Provider

Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner of EPI LATAM (left), presents TSTT’s TIA certificate to Rolph Young, Senior Manager Enterprise Marketing at TSTT
Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner of EPI LATAM (left), presents TSTT’s TIA certificate to Rolph Young, Senior Manager Enterprise Marketing at TSTT
The Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT) has received full certification as a Data Centre Service Provider.  The certification process, which was completed in September 2016, means TSTT earned the distinction of having the only Rated 3 TIA-942 Certified Data Centre in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and Latin America, and places TSTT among the top data centres worldwide.  The Certificate of Conformance attests that TSTT's Data Centre has been independently assessed and found to conform to the requirements of ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 3 for the following: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunications. 
Joseba Calvo is the Managing Partner of EPI LATAM, part of the group Enterprise Products Integration Pte Ltd (EPI), the data centre expert company which trained, audited and awarded the certificate to TSTT's Data Centre and its staff.  The data centre veteran, who heads EPI's Latin American and Caribbean office, explained that data centre certification is done by an independent 3rd party which conducts an audit of a company to ascertain that it has followed an internationally-recognized standard, giving the assurance that it was done in the right manner.  "Some standards cover only some areas, for example, only electrical and cooling, but the TIA-942 standard is better than the other standards used because it covers and fulfills all that is needed in a data centre", Calvo noted.  
According to Rolph Young Senior Manager Enterprise Marketing at TSTT, "There is a growing demand for high-end data services locally and internationally and this is part of TSTT's strategic plan to transform itself into an agile broadband communications company that is responsive to its customers' needs.  A simple 20-rack data centre can cost over $TTD 30 million just to build it and there's the additional cost to have it audited and certified.  We have invested these costs so that our customers can enjoy the use of a fully-certified, internationally-recognized, safe, secure and affordable data centre and benefit from reduced business risks and lower business costs."  Young continued, "With over 25 years of operations, TSTT is the most experienced telecommunications company and data service provider in Trinidad and Tobago.  TSTT has 6 existing Data Rooms in addition to our public Rated 3 TIA-942 Data Centre, so we have been building and managing data centres for a very long time.  This combination of TSTT's longstanding experience and our Rated 3 TIA-942 Certificate guarantees the highest level of service at global standards to our customers."  
The Rated 3 TIA-942 Certificate is a guarantee to customers that TSTT's data centre offers the highest levels of reliability with 99.982% service availability, as well as a warranty that TSTT has followed the established, international, best-practice guidelines in 4 main areas: 1. architectural, including building and location; 2. mechanical, including cooling, safety, fire suppression and security; 3. electrical; and 4. telecommunications, including uptime and reliability.  Customers can therefore be assured that TSTT's Data Centre has redundancy in power and data storage, and high security features to eliminate risks from fire, theft, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.  
Calvo congratulated TSTT on its impressive achievement and said, "The Rated 3 TIA-942 Certification is a tremendous accomplishment for TSTT because all the other local and regional data centres are not yet at this level.  Other companies have been marketing that they have redundancy and reliability levels that they do not in fact have, but customers have this validation that TSTT's Data Centre does have the level of service that it is marketing.  The real impact of this certificate for TSTT's Data Centre is that it conveys credibility, trust, transparency and clarity to the customer."
EPI has offices in 10 countries, a global presence in more than 60 countries and has completed training in more than 150 cities worldwide for clients in a variety of sectors including data and hosting, finance, retail, transportation, education, telecommunications and government.  Its client base, which lists many 500 Fortune companies, includes DHL, HP, Global Suites, General Electric, ITEL, Amazon, EBay, CISCO, Ericson, Dell and LG.  
Calvo remarked, "Thanks to its Rated 3 TIA-942 Certification, TSTT has positioned itself among the top data centres worldwide and is now at the level of these companies.  This is not just an empty claim but one that is backed up by the Rated 3 TIA-942 Certificate."  
Young explained that TSTT's staff is also trained as Tier 3 TIA-942 Data Centre Professionals and Facilities Operations Managers and assured that TSTT has the right caliber of managers and technical staff at its Data Centre.  The other services provided will cover the full spectrum of the most advanced data centre products including storage, back-up, co-location, disaster recovery and business continuity, add-on services and virtual machines.  Interested companies should contact their TSTT Account Manager for further information and to apply for TSTT's Data Centre services.

TSTT's Data Centre is the only TIA-942 certified centre in Latin America.