TSTT Staff come up with big ideas

TSTT CEO (Ag.) George Hill -2nd from left, with TSTT Ideation Challenge winners
TSTT CEO (Ag.) George Hill -2nd from left, with TSTT Ideation Challenge winners and other members of TSTT's Executive team

Great ideas can come from anywhere and that was the approach used by TSTT when the company launched its Ideation Challenge for employees and announced the results of winners recently. In a few short years TSTT has transformed from a phone , mobile and Internet company to the most comprehensive communications provider with augmented services like Blink Vigilance Alarm monitoring and Blink Entertainment. Now the company is tapping into the inventiveness of staff to find the next great product idea.

“We are in an industry that is defined by innovation. Communications technology has come to underscore almost every aspect of life so as a local network operator we are not content to just do what other operators are doing. We want to make a real difference” said TSTT’s acting CEO George Hill. The Ideation Challenge was Hill’s brainchild. He felt the company needed to continuously find innovative ways of making optimum use of its technology infrastructure to serve real customer needs.

“Broadband access and mobile technology continue to be important and they have played their role in modernizing T&T. They will continue to do that but when you look at more developed countries, you realize that these are just par for the course. The next steps involve asking yourself as an operator ‘What can I do with broadband and mobile to make a difference in people’s lives?” Hill says the answer lies in developing products that help people do whatever they are interested in, easier and more conveniently.

Not surprisingly therefore the winning entries addressed public interests and concerns in health, finance, entertainment and productivity. TSTT’s Stacy-Ann Lowe, Head of Product Portfolio Management, spearheaded the Ideation Challenge and said the target was to get 100 ideas from employees. “We received over 250 entries! Staff was really interested in filling our innovation pipeline and this augers well for keeping TSTT relevant and in touch with practical needs of customers.”

The entries selected for immediate action were awarded attractive incentives at a recent award ceremony. They included 1st place winner Lystra Serrette from Blink Sales, Service and Tobago Operation Division, 2nd place winner Arnold Gerald from the Finance Division and 3rd place winner  Karlene Villaroel also of the Finance Division. Three consolation prizes were also given for suggestions from Che Keens Dumas from the Technology Division and Ken Smith and  Darron Charles , both from Blink Sales, Service and Tobago Operation Division.