TSTT staff supports Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society

Giving from the heart

For the fourth consecutive year, TSTT staffers have rallied together to lend support to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society, raising over $10,000 during the Cancer Society’s “Dollar a Month Campaign.”

Projects Manager at the Cancer Society, Ann Paula Bibby expressed her gratitude for TSTT’s continued support of the organization’s initiative to build this nation’s first ever hospice for cancer patients. “It is our main aim and we are getting closer thanks to the contributions made by companies and individuals like TSTT. The hospice will be for terminally ill cancer patients so that at least they can die with dignity,” she said.

Located on Rosalino Street in Woodbrook, the Cancer Society houses a clinic that provides screening tests for various types of cancer to the public. The Society offers these services at heavily discounted prices in an attempt to encourage early and regular testing.