TSTT supports Torres Foundation boosting profile of the Visually Challenged

Port of Spain,Trinidad - The W.R. Torres Foundation for the Blind, Inc. recently meet with TSTT as part of a weeklong schedule of activities in observance of the International Day of the Disabled which is celebrated annually on December 3rd. The Foundation’s mission is to promote the full integration and development of the visually challenged. The key focus this year for disability week at the Torres Foundation was on disability employment and the assistive technologies that make it possible. WRT Foundation members Rajesh Mohammed and Nadia Audain, who are both visually challenged, spoke about the obstacles they and others like themselves faced. They noted that the visually impaired sought to be as productive as other employees in a work place and advances in a variety of assistive technology devices opened employment doors for them. The visually challenged were however put at a disadvantage because of common misconceptions that employers have about persons with disabilities. However in environments where they were given the opportunity and support, they were able to succeed on many levels both in an out of the corporate world. Mr. Ancil Torres – President of the Torres Foundation was grateful that the Foundation was afforded opportunities to meet with TSTT and other corporate and government offices including the Office of the Prime Minister. He said these engagements helped to advance the work of the Foundation. “We have an uphill task to highlight the fact that the visually challenged can and do contribute significantly to the society.” TSTT was grateful for insights provided by the Foundation not only for its HR practices but also , as a technology company, Blink /BMOBILE services were building blocks for enabling the visually challenged to meet personal and career development goals.