TV – our window to the world

Making the screen come to life Blink Entertainment tours various communities to promoting the empowering effects of intelligent tv

A lot has changed for television as we know it. They sat on desks and space savers but now televisions hang on walls like paintings. But even beyond the cosmetic change of the television , the way images are transmitted to the set  has come a long way from the days when technology changed black and white television images to colour.

Now viewers have access to digital television which provides a far superior experience not just in picture quality but in sound.

 Trinidad and Tobago’s newest provider of subscription-based TV is focussed on getting more people to experience the advantages of the service. “More than ever today, TV is not just about entertainment. It is about sharing knowledge, understanding diversity and learning more by allowing ourselves to be exposed to more. BLINK Entertainment has invested in technologies that bring digital TV service to customers in the most convenient way for an individual’s situation. BLINK Entertainment deploys both Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial (DVBT) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). 

IPTV or broadband television as it is known, delivers programming via a broadband connection.  DVBT uses new age antennas to bring digital signals to the customer’s television. IPTV was launched in 2009 locally in small pockets across the country ; DVBT was only launched last month.

BLINK threw its hat in the electronic ring because there was a demand for an alternative provider to afford customers great picture and sound quality at a price they could afford.

BLINK Entertainment’s wireless DVBT service includes premium programming from the major international networks, sports, movies and kids channels. Local channels are also a high priority on DVBT.

Users also have access to parental controls for channels that allows one to monitor and manage the programmes their children are exposed to.

Currently we are servicing 68 per cent of the country with DVB-T and the interest in our digital television is growing. Since the system is wireless, the demand for the service could easily be managed.

BLINK Entertainment’s IPTV service offers a greater number of channels and features such as our HD/Digital Video Recover (DVR) set top box which allows viewers to pause, rewind, fast forward and even record live transmissions for those moments when one needs to take a quick break or replay a great scene.

IPTV provides excellent picture quality and clear sound second to none on the local market. 

At present both services are being rolled out to the nation on phased basis.

Much like all of the new media people enjoy today, it can have an empowering effect on users. BLINK Entertainment was keen to get involved in this line of business because for too long there remained huge under-served areas of the population. This put residents of these areas at a disadvantage. Fortunately we have the underlying technology to reach them and also offering a variety of base packages to suit the viewing patterns and of customers and also their disposable incomes. We are noticing other service providers following our lead in trying to make their services more affordable. That is the benefit of serious competition and in the end we want consumers to get the real benefits of having a wider choice of service providers.

For more information about BLINK Entertainment, visit us at www.blinkentertainment.ttor call 800-VIEW (8439) or 824-TSTT(8788).