UWI invites blink I bmobile brand ambassadors to share their life stories with South students

Caption:  A Holy Name Convent Point Fortin student high five Jehue for a job well done

UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences Trade and Economic Development Unit recently launched a Motivational Series project aimed at inspiring students from schools in the southwest peninsula and blink I bmobile brand ambassadors were on hand to help ensure its success.

From the sidelines, the life of a celebrity can seem easy, effortless and filled with good times but the journey to success for most of them usually includes a lot of hard work, tribulation and unwavering dedication. Listening to some tell their stories can inspire and motivate the young ones to aim for the stars and for this reason UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences Trade and Economic Development Unit and the blink I bmobile Foundation partnered in order to host motivational sessions featuring the blink I bmobile brand ambassadors.

Working together for the success of this initiative was a priority for the blink I bmoblie Foundation as the objective of these sessions is aligned to the goal of the Foundation; “to contribute to the positive development of the youth of the nation.”

When approached for this initiative, the brand ambassadors; Shurwayne Winchester, Daren Ganga and Jehue Gordon all leapt at the opportunity to spend time with students from Vessigny High School, Point Fortin EastSecondary School and Holy Name Convent Point Fortin respectively. At each school, the students were initially elated by the mere presence of the local stars however after listening to each of their personal testimonials the students gained a new level of respect and admiration for them.

Although Shurwayne, Daren and Jehue had very different stories to share, they all spoke about the importance of spirituality, consistent efforts and belief in oneself to achieve anything no matter what challenges are faced. Following his session at Vessigny High School, Shurwayne told organisers how proud he felt to be a part of a project which aimed to motivate the youths to reach for their goals.  Daren and Jehue echoed Shurwayne’s sentiments with both of them adding how rewarding it felt to know that their sharing could impact the minds of these young people in a positive way.

The schools eagerly welcomed the efforts by UWI and the blink I bmobile Foundation to help inspire their students to believe in themselves. Following the session, Head of the Languages Department at Vessigny Secondary, Natalie Nanan said: “the session afforded students the opportunity to learn about self-reflection and perseverance. It even provided bonus benefits as two students, who performed for their session impressed Shurwayne so much that he volunteered to continue mentoring and dedicating resources to them in order to help them maximize their talents.” Principal of the Point Fortin East Secondary, Aintly Gopaul explained: , “discipline, respect, teamwork and camaraderie developed in any sport could be applied to academia and life events. Darren Ganga embodies these characteristics and he is truly someone the students could emulate therefore he was ideal.”

Acting Vice Principal, Holy Name Convent Point Fortin, Keza Feliz Roberts shared the comments of her colleagues when she noted that, “this is an excellent initiative hosted UWI and the blink I bmobile Foundation.   The students were able to relate and reflect upon the messages and make connections to the personal story of Jehue. Programmes like this should be maintained as they go a long way in making a positive difference in the lives of students who are at risk.”

The blink I bmobile Foundation congratulates the project team at the UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences Trade and Economic Development Unit on a well planned and executed Motivational Series. The foundation was honoured to assist with this project and looks forward to future endeavors where it can contribute to advancement of our nation’s youth.