Youthful energy and bmobile 4G

bmobile 4G flash mob
Shinelle Cottoy leads Inkredible Kreations dance group for the bmobile 4G launch on the Brian Lara Promenade

She is young and unassuming but 17 year old Shinelle Cottoy has an unstoppable passion for dancing. Shinelle leads her own performing arts group called “Inkredible Kreations” (IK) and her 30 strong dance posse put on some traffic-stopping performances today at Brian Lara Promenade and City Gate Port of Spain, the Dial in Arima and Library Corner in San Fernando.

The group did a series of flash- mob routines as part of bmobile’s launch of its new 4G mobile data service. The dancers, ranging in age from 6 years to 29 years put on high energy performances to a new upbeat jingle from Shurwayne Winchester and KI much to the delight of commuters and pedestrians.

With the promise of delivering “4G but not just 4G” bmobile launched its eagerly anticipated highspeed mobile data service today and over the next week the company will be rolling out its full campaign.